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After-sales service to enhance the depth of our services 

You can complain directly to the manufacturer or the vendor if there are quality problems or problems caused by nature. We pledge that after receiving complaints, we will be at the scene within 24 hours. If the problems really leaded by us, we will maintenance and replace the products for free.

Customer should show the product warranty cards or purchase contracts, while the product needed to be maintenance because of quality problems to prove that the product is still in warranty period.

For special reasons or the parts for the maintenance products need to be reproduced, we ensure that we will complete the job in six working days.

The following situations will not be included in maintenance free range even in the warranty period.

The differences of color and material between two similar products which were manufactured in different periods are normal, we will no longer take any responsibility.

The following causes of the problem, not the scope of free maintenance :

(1)  Quality problems caused by natural factors which can not be resisted
       (such as natural disasters, war, etc.)
(2)  Quality problems caused by the other products.
(3)  Quality problems caused by our transport
(4)  Quality problems caused by moving after installation.
(5)  Quality problems caused by various human being factors.

If product warranty period is over, we will offer the paid services to provide maintenance

services for our clients.
We only charged the cost of the spare parts, the installation is for free.  Although you have become our customer, we will not terminate our commitments.

(1) The customer after-sales service center is responsible for handling customer advisory complaints, maintenance, and emergency services and unscheduled visit.

(2) The services including:   reassembly and moving of furniture.

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